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Soil, foliar, and fertigation fertilizers

We extract plant nutrients from mining operations and refine them into soil, foliar, and fertigation fertilizers. Due to their natural origin, many of our fertilizers are approved for use in organic farming.

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Soil grade premium fertilizer for all special crops

KALISOP® for top quality in the cultivation of fruits & vegetables.

The nutrients potassium and sulphur contained in KALISOP® are decisive quality-enhancing factors. They play a key role in plant metabolism such as sugar and starch synthesis, protein production, transport of assimilates and activation of enzymes.

Increased storage and processing quality

KALISOP® increases the firmness of plant tissue in fruits and vegetables, thus improving the storage life and transportability of the harvested products as well as their suitability for processing and preservation.

Improved appearance and taste

With KALISOP®, fruits and vegetables have a more beautiful colouring. Sugar and acid content is increased and aroma intensified. Cash crops thus become more attractive to the consumer.

Organic Certified

Since it’s extracted from natural crude salt deposits in Germany, KaliSOP® has been proved for use in organic farming in accordance with Regulations (EU) No. 2018/848 and (EC) No. 889/2008. It’s practically free of pollutants and impurities due to its natural origin. Acts independently of the pH of the soil and does not affect it in any way. No risk of soil salinization during drought due to it’s low salt index. For farmers looking for a long term solution to improving their soil quality, KaliSOP® is the ideal solution. 

KALISOP® as sulphur fertiliser

Reduced sulphur emissions from the atmosphere and the continued use of highly concentrated fertilisers with a low sulphur content lead in many regions to a sulphur deficiency in plants.

Sulphur deficiency causes symptoms, mainly pale leaves, which are very similar to those with nitrogen deficiency. Depending on the nitrogen supply, chlorosis increasingly occurs in older leaves (in case of an inadequate nitrogen supply) or in younger leaves (in case of good nitrogen supply).

Due to its high sulphur content (17.5% S), KALISOP® is especially suited for plants with a higher sulphur requirement
(oil seed rape, sunflowers, different kinds of cabbage, onions, leeks, etc.). In addition, good sulphur supply increases the utilisation of nitrogen in plants.

KALISOP® contains sulphur in the water soluble and immediately plant available sulphate form. The soil pH is not altered by KALISOP® application.

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Follow the journey of how Potash is mined at the Werra Plant of K+S in Germany

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Gunder Krieg, our foreman takes you through the underground tunnels to discover the salt deposits.

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Under the depths of a volcano lies these crystal grottos, result of volcanic activites millions of years ago.

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It is hard to imagine that the crude salt has to travel a long way underground. What it takes to bring the salt chunks to the light of day, you will learn in this video.

Fully water-soluble and immediately available to plants, the solufamily range of fertilizers are especially tailored to fit the needs of the farmers looking to maximize yield and quality of their crops. Low chloride is another USP of this range.


Premium micronutrient lineup which is fully water-soluble, designed and tailored to address the elemental deficiencies of plants.

We get to the bottom of plant nutrition

In our field trials, we investigate how efficient fertilizer management can ensure good yields and the best qualities. We keep a close eye on climate change, soil fertility, and the efficient use of resources, and are working with scientists around the world on solutions for future agriculture.